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Release Date- 27 November 2018

· Chicken Soup Song
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On 27th November 2018, we will launch our new single 'The Chicken Soup Song' with all proceeds from the download for the period 27th November 2018 - 11th December 2018 going to Jewish Care.

The song tells the story of a grandmother teaching her grandson how to cook the fabled Jewish penicillin 'Matzoh Ball soup', and follows an old family recipe that the band say is not only easy for anyone to make, but also tastes great too!

We wrote The chicken Soup Song to highlight the vital link between young and old generations and especially the passing down of culinary traditions.

Food is central to family life and community living- It's so important to keep these recipes alive and well and we hope the song will inspire young and old alike to get into the kitchen together.'We decided on Jewish care as the beneficiary of the sales as we are grateful for the amazing and tireless work they do with the older generation’

The single is officially launched on 27th November and can be dowloaded from all digital platforms.


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